Round Trip of Kinko Bay in Kagoshima

YouTuber Kenta-san's "Discover Ride" series is a series of bicycle tours to discover the charms of local regions. In this third installment, Kenta-san takes you on a 3-day/2-night bicycle trip around Kagoshima Bay (Kinko Bay), a region he has wanted to ride for some time!

Around Kinko Bay!


DAY 3 Sakurajima - Kirishima

The third day of the "Kin-Ichi" cycling tour started with a determination to circumnavigate Sakurajima. As if to encourage Kenta-san, who was struggling with knee pain, he met many people along the way, including a cheerful cafe owner, a father camping alone in his mini-car, and a high school cyclist, Mr. Arimura. It was a memorable final day, as he received support and was touched by the warmth of Kagoshima's people.


Outline of the route: 'Round Trip of Kinko Bay in Kagoshima'

Starting from Kagoshima Airport, the route rides counterclockwise along the coastline via Ibusuki. After crossing the Satsuma Peninsula to the Okuma Peninsula by ferry, the route heads south, passing through Kirishima Kinko Bay Park and returning again to Kagoshima Airport, a total distance of approximately 270km.

Equipment for this trip by Kenta-san