For Municipalities and Travel Agencies

What is Discover Ride?

This is a project in which “Kenta-san”, the most popular bicycle YouTuber, enjoys bicycle trips in a freewheeling, life-size tension, and discovers and communicates the charms of the region. We also collaborate with local governments and tourism associations throughout Japan.


  • Discover local attractions

  • Gourmet Encounters

  • Interaction with people


How do you know Kenta-san?

He is a Bicycle YouTuber with 215,000 YouTube channel subscribers (as of September 2021). He provides videos that convey the fun of bicycling, including beginner-friendly how-to content and travel videos that include rides, camping, and more.

Kenta-san’s YouTube channel

Key Points of the Project

I can imitate it! and “I want to try this kind of trip!” We plan trips based on three key points that encourage viewers to empathize with our videos and websites.

  • Point 1

    Leisurely trip of around 100km

    The maximum daily ride is around 100km. This is a distance that even a novice road bike rider can cover. We believe that “100km on a dare” is the best way to stop, make side trips, and fully convey the charm of the region, and not just for the purpose of riding.

  • Point 2

    Less than 5 selected stops

    To draw viewers in, limit the number of stops to four or five spots. A “PR-like” progression that darts around to many spots is likely to turn viewers off. In order to make the trip truly enjoyable, we carefully select spots regardless of whether they are “hot spots” or “niche spots. Chance encounters are also an important part of the trip!

  • Point 3

    Fan participation to foster excitement

    The project of soliciting recommended spot information from Kenta-san’s fans in advance is not only an interactive communication, but also a project to ask “Kenta-san is coming to my town! “Did the spot I recommended get adopted? and “Was the spot I recommended adopted?” This project fosters a sense of anticipation and makes people “wait for the release of the video”.

We gathered so many recommendations from viewers!

From “1000km Round Trip of Shikoku”