Shin'etsu 2 Day/1 Night trip

This trip will take place in the Shin'etsu area straddling Nagano and Niigata prefectures. Starting at JR Iiyama Station in Nagano Prefecture, which can be reached in about two hours from Tokyo via the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, this two-day and one-night trip will take in Nozawa Onsen Hot Springs, Shibu Toge, the highest point on a national highway in Japan, and other tourist attractions.

Shin'etsu 2 Day / 1 Night trip!


DAY 2 Yudanaka Onsen - JR Iiyama Station

On the second day of the Shin'etsu Ride, we will ride around Lake Nojiri, located on the west side of Iiyama City, and Mount Iizuna, one of the "Hokushin Gogaku (five peaks of Shin'etsu)" representing the northern Shinano region. Following the first day, the route will be a mountainous route typical of Nagano Prefecture, so we'll have to be careful not to miss the bullet train in the evening.


About the "Shinetsu Overnight Trip" Route

On the first day, we rode north from JR Iiyama Station to the Nagasaka Gondola lift at the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort on our own. We will go up to the 1400m elevation point with our bikes on the gondola lift, and then ride along the Okushiga Koen Sakae line (Prefectural Road 502) along the ridge to Shiga Kogen. From Shiga Kogen, the tour will ascend Route 292 to the Shibu Toge, the highest point on a national highway in Japan, located on the border of Gunma Prefecture. We will again descend Route 292 and stay overnight at Yudanaka Onsen Hot Spring at the foot of the mountain.