Round Trip of Suruga Bay

YouTuber Kenta-san's "Discover Ride" series explores the charms of local communities through bicycle trips. The fifth installment is once again on the Izu Peninsula! This time, he will take the Suruga Bay Ferry from Shimizu Port to the Izu Peninsula. He will introduce a new way to explore the Izu Peninsula!

Around Suruga Bay


Suruga Bay Round Trip

As a new approach to the Izu Peninsula Ride, this time we will take the Suruga Bay Ferry from Shimizu Port in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and land at Doi Port on the Izu Peninsula. Starting from Doi Port, this one-day ride will take the route around Suruga Bay (commonly known as Suruichi). The route was rich in repertoire, starting with a ride over a mountain pass right after the start, then along a river, and finally along the sea.


Outline of the "Round Trip of Suruga Bay" route

From Shimizu Port, take a ferry to Toi Port on the western side of the Izu Peninsula. The route then circles Suruga Bay in a counterclockwise direction, crossing the Toi Pass, heading north along the Kano River, and returning to Shimizu Port via Numazu.