Round Trip of Izu Oshima Island

YouTuber Kenta-san's Discover Ride is a series of bicycle tours to discover the charms of local communities. In this sixth installment, he takes a trip to Izu Oshima Island! Following the popular "Suruga Bay Round Trip," Kenta-san will take a boat and bicycle trip that can be easily accessed from the Kanto region!

Easy to access
Around Izu Oshima Island!


DAY0&1 Overnight on board & Round Izu Oshima

Just one boat ride from Takeshiba Station, located right next to Hamamatsucho in the heart of the city, and you can start your bicycle trip instantly upon arrival and disembarkation! Izu Oshima is a perfect destination for a weekend ride if you make full use of Friday night's overnight stay on the boat and Saturday and Sunday. The island itself is a modest 50 km in circumference, but the course is hilly and challenging. However, the course is challenging because of the many hills. However, Kenta-san and Tutchie, who had conquered many of the steep hills (?) in the past, said, "Well, this is a ride with plenty of time. We thought that we would be able to enjoy the ride without any problems, but we had a big mechanical problem at the beginning of the ride, and it turned out to be a crazy trip.


About the "Round Trip of Izu Oshima Island" route

The trip starts with boarding at Takeshiba Passenger Boat Terminal and disembarking at Okada Port. The tour finishes at Okada Port after driving around the island on the Oshima Round-the-Island Road in a half-calendar turn. The west side of the island is relatively flat, but the west side has a steep uphill slope.