2-Day Bike Trip in Kanagawa

YouTuber Kenta-san's Discover Ride is a series of bicycle tours to discover the charms of local regions. The seventh installment is in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Japanese branch of bicycle manufacturer Giant is located in the prefecture, so Kenta-san will be guided by Giant staff on the best bicycle route, packed with all the attractions of Kanagawa, and will be able to compare the latest models.

With Giant's PR Man
Explore the best of Kanagawa!


DAY 2 Both Sea and Mountains conquered in Kanagawa!

The second day is sea and mountains. Enjoy the terrain and nature of Kanagawa. We enjoyed riding along the coast of Enoshima Island while watching the morning waves, and compared two different types of bikes at the popular Yabitsu Pass. The course, rich in ups and downs and changes, was different from the route full of sightseeing spots on the first day, and it was a day to learn about the depth of Kanagawa.


Outline of the "2-Day Bike Trip in Kanagawa" route

Starting from Yokohama Station, the route will take you to Chinatown, the Red Brick Warehouse, and other tourist attractions representative of Yokohama City, and then to Miura City on Route 35. The first day of the tour is generally flat and offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities.