As a new approach to the Izu Peninsula Ride, this time we will take the Suruga Bay Ferry from Shimizu Port in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and land at Doi Port on the Izu Peninsula. Starting from Doi Port, this one-day ride will take the route around Suruga Bay (commonly known as Suruichi). The route was rich in repertoire, starting with a ride over a mountain pass right after the start, then along a river, and finally along the sea.

Kenta-san's Travel Bookmarks

7:45 Departure from Shimizu Port
9:00 Arrival at Toi Port
9:15 Ride Start
10:30 Toi Pass
11:00 Bakery&Table Tofuya Ashiyu Cafe
13:15 Lunch at Volcano
14:15 Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Factory
16:45 Trial Park
17:30 Satta Pass
18:00 Goal at Shimizu Port

All done!

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The journey begins at Shimizu Port

Suruga Bay Ferry Shimizu Port Terminal

For this trip, we chose Shimizu Port as our starting point for the Suruga Bay round-the-bay route (commonly known as "Suruichi"). We took the Suruga Bay Ferry across Suruga Bay to Toi Port on the Izu Peninsula. Next to the ferry was a line of cars waiting to board.

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Now it's time to board the ferry!

Bicycles can be transported on the ferry assembled (500 yen per bike). The number of bicycles is limited to 8 to 16 per sailing, so it is recommended to make reservations in advance. Incidentally, bicycles can be brought on board free of charge if they are packed in a bike bag.
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Securely holds bicycles in place

Relieved by the attendant's familiarity with the work

Push the bicycle by hand to the ship's vehicle deck, proceed, leave the bicycle with the attendant, and you are done. The bicycle will be carefully secured with a blanket to prevent damage to the frame.

Outgoing ferry

Departure from Shimizu Port to Izu Peninsula

The first boat departs Shimizu Port at 7:45am for Toi Port on the Izu Peninsula! The beginning of the 75 minute boat ride. On the deck of the ferry were comments from the AKB48 members aboard and a picture of Mt. Fuji.

Suruga Bay Ferry's route is considered a prefectural road

Prefectural Road 223

A sign for Prefectural Road 223 (Fuji-san) is placed at the end of the ferry deck. In fact, the Suruga Bay ferry route (Shimizu Port-Tohi Line) is certified as a prefectural road of approximately 30km. There are other prefectural roads in Japan that include marine sections, but this Prefectural Road 223 is the longest in Japan. Behind the marker is a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately we could not see it this time because it was overcast.

Original sweets to replenish energy

224 (Fuji-san) Baum

We hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so we purchased a baumkuchen (223 baum) at Ferry's Cafe on board. The baumkuchen is a collaboration with Yataro, a famous confectionery in Shizuoka. It is not too sweet, so the two of us finished the whole baumkuchen.

Original gelato to refresh your mind

Suruga Bay Gelato No. 223

I was feeling a bit seasick because of the strong waves that day. In order to raise my spirits, I ordered Suruga Bay Ferry's original gelato. This product is also a collaboration with Nanaya, a famous green tea gelato maker in Shizuoka. The blue gelato is inspired by the deep blue of Suruga Bay. It tastes like salted milk. It was also delicious with a moderate sweetness.

Special Experience! Visit the Ferry Wheelhouse

Question time for the captain

Luckily, I was offered a special tour of the ferry's cockpit. Gingerly, I entered the wheelhouse and asked the captain a few questions. Everything behind-the-scenes was new and exciting to me, but as I was asking questions about the equipment, my allotted time was over before I knew it.

First time arriving at Izu Peninsula by ferry

Suruga Bay Ferry, Toi Port boarding gate

Before we knew it, we had crossed Suruga Bay and arrived at Doi Port on the Izu Peninsula. We disembarked with our bicycles and took a commemorative photo with the Suruga Bay Ferry. We were already feeling like we were in the second half of our trip, but then remembered that we still had 110km to go before nightfall.

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This time, the ride starts.

National Route 136

What awaited us as we departed from Toi Port was a relentless uphill climb. We were still feeling a little seasick, so we diligently and silently started to climb the 560 meters from sea level right from the start.

Driving on an old road with few cars

Old National Route 136

About 4km into the climb up the pass, just before the tunnel, we reached the junction with the old Route 136. The traffic was heavy on this national road, so we were very grateful for the old road (about 10km), which reduces the stress on cyclists.

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Sudden appearance of deep fog

Old National Route 136

As we rode along the old road and gained altitude, the fog began to roll in around us. We could no longer hear the chirping of cicadas, and we felt as if we had wandered into a strange world. Incidentally, we passed no cars on the road.

A mountain pass which let us forget the heat

Toi Pass

The temperature dropped due to fog, and we arrived at the Toi Pass without too much physical exertion. At Toi Port, the temperature was 34°C (93°F), but we noticed that it had dropped to 24°C (75°F), making us feel a little chilly. The sign for Toi Pass was only dimly visible through the fog. Bonus time for the descent, which lasts about 7km!

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First aid station of the day

Bakery&Table Tofuya Ashiyu Cafe

About 20km into the ride, we took a load off at "Bakery&Table Tofuya Ashiyu Cafe" located in Yoshina Onsen, the oldest hot spring on the Izu Peninsula. Take an elegant drink break on a sofa in a secluded spot surrounded by mountains.

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Speeding up with a tailwind

Kano River

We headed north along the Kano River, which runs north-south through the Izu Peninsula, toward Numazu Station. There is a 25-km bike path along the Kano River, and we were able to ride comfortably. Thankfully, we benefited from the tailwind, which increased our speed and preserved our stamina!

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Discover new gourmet foods in Numazu


Speaking of Numazu, one might expect to select seafood, but at the insistence of Tsucchi, an Ankake (= starchy sauce) pasta lover, forcibly led me to the restaurant named 'Volcano', a long-established pasta restaurant located near Numazu Station. The restaurant was busy with local customers. I recommend the liver topping!

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Pudding, this dessert is the talk of Numazu Port

Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Factory

We moved to Numazu Port, about 2km away from lunch "Volcano", for after-dinner dessert. We also purchased "Numazu Fukkai Pudding" (a must-buy when visiting Numazu Port) and "Be-dama Soda" (a summer-only drink). Both are bright blue representations of the deep sea of Suruga Bay, and look cool to the eye.

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Strong sea breezes slow down the speed

Katahama Beach

After leaving Numazu Port, we drove along the embankment on the Katahama coast, only to have our way blocked by a strong crosswind blowing from Suruga Bay. The wind was so strong that it was difficult to ride in a straight line, so we gave up the route along the embankment and drove along Prefectural Route 380. We lost a lot of time and (especially) energy due to the strong sea wind.

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Carbonated drinks to restore power

Trial Park Kambara

The winds were stronger than we had imagined, and our stamina was sapped. We arrived at our last rest stop, "Trial Park," a facility that opened in June 2022 and is an experimental facility for private companies to try out new businesses. In a tent set up on a spacious lawn, we refueled with carbonated juice. We have 20km to go before we reach our goal at Shimizu Port.

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Avoid Route 1
Avoiding Route 1 and one final step

Satta Pass (Satta Touge)

In order to avoid the busy Route 1, we decided to go through the Satta Pass, which was said to be a difficult part of the old Tokaido Highway. The steep slope that suddenly appeared was truly a wall. Tsucchi and I couldn't help but laugh. However, the view from halfway up the slope was a spectacular spot from which we could see the entire Suruga Bay. It was the most spectacular point on the route this time!

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Shuichi achieved!

Shimizu Port

Starting with a boat trip on the Suruga Bay Ferry, the 110km ride was full of variety, taking in the Toi Pass, the Kano River, the coastline, and the Old Tokaido Highway. I was so satisfied with the richness of the ride that it seemed like yesterday when I boarded the ferry. By incorporating the ferry into the route, I was able to find a different way to enjoy the Izu Peninsula.

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Places we stopped this time

Shimizu Port Suruga Bay Ferry Shimizu Port Terminal

Toi Port

Toi Pass

Bakery&Table Tofuya Ashiyu Cafe


Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Factory

Trial Park Kambara

Satta Pass

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Outline of the Route

From Shimizu Port, take a ferry to Toi Port on the west side of the Izu Peninsula. The route then crosses the Toi Pass, heads north along the Kano River, and returns to Shimizu Port via Numazu, making an anti clockwise trip around Suruga Bay.

Distance traveled: 140km (including 30km by ferry)
Elevation gained: 1100m
Weather: Sunny
Air Temperature: Max 34°C, Min 17°C