Day 4 with the first support rider of this trip, "Carson-kun". Despite the rainy season finally baptizing the day, the riders will head through the Takamatsu-Tokushima area at cruising speed, enjoying exquisite granola, a sumptuous seafood lunch, fashionable sweets, Tokushima ramen, and more.

Kenta-san's Travel Bookmarks

8:00 Depart hotel and meet today's support rider, Carson, at Takamatsu Chikko Station.
10:00 Coffee and excellent granola at "Hama Cafe"
12:30 Gorgeous Sashimi Set Meal at Bimbi-ya
14:00 Arrive at the "Yomomi Observatory" & "French Monster".
15:30 Okazaki ferry to Shikoku mainland
17:00 Check-in at Hotel Kiraku
19:00 Tokushima Ramen at Todai

DAY 4 is over!

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Meet at Takamatsu Chikko Station!

Meet up with our support rider, Mr. Carson!

We met up with our first support rider for this trip, Carson, at Takamatsu Chikko Station. He seemed like an experienced rider, but it was his first group ride and he had recently started wearing binding shoes. Surprised, we changed the plan to make it a day to show him how fun group riding can be! We started riding on Route 11 toward Sanuki City. As we rode along, we had to watch out for ruts caused by the many trucks, and it started raining early on.

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Change cycling wear

Rain jacket and rain shoes for the changing weather

It started to rain hard, so we took shelter from the weather and changed into rain jackets and shoes. In the wet, Tsucchi's carbon rims were less effective than my disc brakes. While discussing the specifications of our bicycles, which are unique to long trips, we decided to be cautious on our next leg of the trip.

Arrival at the first recharge stop

Hot coffee & excellent granola at "Hama Cafe"

We entered the store to warm our cold bodies with a cup of hot coffee. While looking for some food, I found my favorite granola (170 yen, small enough to eat). It was easy to carry, so I decided to buy some. We ate it later in the day and were surprised at how tasty it was. The somewhat unusual ginger flavor, with its tangy spiciness and syrupy sweetness, is perfect for when you need a pick-me-up! If I had noticed this deliciousness at the store, I would have bought more!

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Lunch today in Tokushima, the third prefecture

Live Fish Cuisine "Bimbi-ya" with many reviews

The omakase lunch (2,000 yen) is a sumptuous set meal that includes the "wakame soup" that has received rave reviews, hamachi sashimi, assorted tempura, and bonito tataki. The wakame-jiru is made from thick, hearty Naruto wakame, a specialty of Tokushima, and the miso soup has a rich flavor similar to arajiru. The fresh hamachi sashimi is also thick and satisfying!

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Struggle with 9% uphill gradient

Naruto Skyline

We took the Naruto Skyline to reach the Yomomi Observatory overlooking the Uchino Sea, which had been recommended by word of mouth. The drizzle helped to cool down the heat, but the uphill climb with a maximum gradient of 10% was a challenge with the bike (17kg with bike and luggage), which had become heavy from packing. Batteries and equipment, essential for YouTubers, weighed heavily here.

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Here we are! Yomomi Observatory

Getting excited about the Uchinoumi Sea below

We arrived at the Yomomi-Observatory overlooking the Uchinoumi Sea. Just before reaching the observatory, we looked back at the Yomomi Bridge, from where we had just ridden through the drizzle, and it looked like a roller coaster ride through the clouds. We were impressed by the powerful panorama we were able to see after all the hard work.

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Take a break after a hard day's work at the cafe next to the observatory

French Monster Setouchi Food Art

Enter the chic and stylish French Monster. We had the recommended lemonade and the hand-baked sablefish "Tsuki-e Naruto-e (green tea and kumquat)". The lemonade must have come from the Seto Inland Sea region, as the menu featured dishes made with local ingredients. The "Tsuki-e Naruto-e" is a baked sweet with cream sandwiched between two pieces of sable. The sable dough, which is not too sweet, is firm and chewy.

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Crossing the Konaruto Straits on the Okazaki ferry

Ferry with cute waiting area and castle view

Tokushima has long had many ferry boats, and a lot of us are still in existence. After reading a word-of-mouth recommendation for a good view of the beautiful Konaruto Straits and the keep of Natsuyo Castle, I decided to detour to Okazaki Ferry on my way back to the Shikoku mainland from the Yomomi Observation Deck. The boat ride is about 1 km (2-3 minutes) across the Konaruto Straits (free of charge).

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Meet the Minimalist Guest House for Cyclists


We split up at Tokushima Station with Carson, who enjoyed the group ride despite the bad weather. Then we visited the guest house "Kiraku," where we stayed in a Japanese-style room for the first time on this trip. It was a simple inn with only tatami mats, a chabudai (tea table), and futon,but we had no complaints, as we could use the washing machine and air conditioner, and the owner was kind enough to let us bring our bikes inside. It is not fancy, but it is a lodging that has stuck to the "minimalism for cyclists."

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Finish the day 4 ride with some Tokushima Ramen!


After dinner at the inn, we decided to go eat Tokushima ramen, which was Kenta-san's long-cherished wish. Tokushima ramen is a thick ramen with a pork bone-based soy sauce broth. The main topping is thinly sliced pork belly cooked sweetly. A raw egg is added to give it a sukiyaki-like flavor. It is perfect after a day of physical exertion.

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Places we stopped this time

Takamatsu Chikko Station

Hama Cafe

Live Fish Cuisine Bimbi-ya

Yomomi Observatory

French Monster

Okazaki ferry


Where we stayed

Hotel Kiraku

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About the Day 4 route

Starting at Takamatsu Chikko Station, the tour runs along the right shoulder of the Shikoku mainland by the sea, from Naruto Skyline through neighboring Shimada-jima and Oke-jima Island, and back south to the Shikoku mainland via Okazaki ferry. Finish at a guest house near Tokushima Station.
Distance traveled: 96 km
Elevation Gain: 553m
Travel time: 9 hours
Weather: Cloudy, rainy later

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