Tsucchi and I cycled 1,000km around Shikoku in 11 days, and we'll look back at the spending, food, accomodation, and other aspects of this thoroughly enjoyable trip. If you are thinking, "Someday I will travel around Shikoku!" then hopefully this will be helpful information

Money and expenditure

97,000 yen Accommodation expenses (11 nights, many hotels under 10,000 yen)
36,000 yen Travel expenses (air travel) round trip
*Carriage of bicycles is free of charge, and bags can be checked in at Matsuyama Airport free of charge.
59,000 yen Meals (lunch, snacks and dinner included)

Total amount 193,000 yen

*All calculations are per person.

Around Shikoku Various Ranking

In addition, our trip around Shikoku lasted 11 days and I encountered many places I would like to go back to and many foods I would like to eat again. Here are the rankings for each category.

Hotel Ranking

No. 1: Pension Shishikui

The inn where we stayed on the fifth day. This pension is located in Shishikui, a mecca for surfers. The log house is handmade by the owner, who lived in Hawaii for a long time, and the food, interior, and music are all in Hawaiian style. The location in front of the pension is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, where you can enjoy the calm sea.

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No. 2: Kuroshio Honjin

On the seventh day, we stayed at the most luxurious ryokan of the trip, at about 20,000 yen per night. The hotel's hospitality, sumptuous breakfast and dinner, and hot spring bath overlooking the Pacific Ocean made us feel rich and comfortable.

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No. 3: Kotohiki Kairo

Stayed the second day. A shared house-style accommodation next to a hot spring facility. The wallpaper had a 'strong character', but the price was reasonable. There are plenty of rooms and they come equipped with a washing machine, they are also very comfortable and easy to use, with bathing and dining available at the hot spring facility next door.

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Meal Ranking

No. 1: Yanagawa Udon

On the third day, we stopped by an udon shop near our hotel for breakfast. The small local udon shop has a gentle broth that makes you want to eat it every day.

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No. 2: Bimbi-ya

On the fourth day, we stopped for lunch at a set meal restaurant serving delicious local seafood. The miso soup with wakame seaweed was so flavorful and memorable that it managed to upstage the main course. We also received many word-of-mouth reviews about this restaurant.

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No. 3: Hozumitei

On the 10th day of the ride, we stopped for dinner at an izakaya where we could enjoy the local cuisine of Uwajima. For the first time, I was recommended the sashimi type Uwajima sea bream rice, and I was very impressed. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very local and quaint and the staff were extremely thoughtful .

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No. 4: Monpuku

On the evening of the 11th day, I wanted to eat Chinese food to end my seafood-filled trip, so I went to Monfuku, located next to the pink street of Dogo Onsen. The Szechuan-style mapodofu (bean-curd soup seasoned with red bean paste) was very tasty. When I told the owner of the restaurant that I had completed a round trip of Shikoku, he was happy to celebrate by treating me to a glass of Asahi Super Dry.

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A restaurant where we stopped for lunch on the fifth day. The meat-wrapped hamburger steak made with Awa beef would be the best if there was a meat ranking.

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Cafe Ranking

No. 1: Minna-no Coffee

A cafe we stopped by on the second day. The location is right in front of the Seto Inland Sea. We stayed longer than usual not only because of the coffee, which we had to have another cup, but also because of the fun photo spot and the conversation with the owner and staff, who are bicycle enthusiasts.

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No. 2: Toubai-chan no Baked Xiaolongbao

A drive-through small basket store run by a Chinese owner, where we stopped for a break on the first day and got a small basket and tapioca ice cream. Good taste, good ambiance, strong restaurant quirks! And high marks for the location, which makes it easy for cyclists to stop by!

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A cafe we stopped at on our 8th day ride. The lemonade we drank in a hut built on a slope was the best we had ever tasted. The atmosphere is stylish, and when you sit down to enjoy the view of the Shimanto River, the shade of the trees envelops you comfortably in the cafe, just as the name of the store suggests. The cafe is open only on limited days, so please check the website before visiting.

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Spectacular Spots Ranking

No. 1: Shimanto River

Eighth day ride. This is an area where you can ride all the way along a long, flat, signal-free road, and where all the scenery is spectacular. The sunken bridges that rhythmically appear along the way seem to be set up. As you ride alongside the beautiful Shimanto River, you will feel like you are approaching the realm of the gods.

No. 2: Cape Muroto

The cape located southeast of the mainland of Shikoku, which we visited on our 6th day ride. From 4-50km before that point, a superb seaside course & almost zero traffic lights & flat (slightly downhill?) Road surface. The clean road has few cars passing by and is in surprisingly good condition even for Kenta-san, who runs seaside courses all over Japan. There are no restaurants, so don't forget to bring some refreshments.

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No.3: Yomomi Observatory

This is the lookout we stopped at on the 4th day. The view was amazing, even though we visited in bad weather, but we are determined to come back here again someday when the weather is better.

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People we met

It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The people I've met on this trip!


High school roadie we met on the second day of the ride. When Kenta-san found out that we were going to ride in his hometown, his whole family came out to help us find him. Thanks for the baku-donuts!

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Owner of Minna no Coffee

The owner of Minna no Coffee, an overly cozy cafe in Niihama City, where we stopped on our second day's ride.

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Mr. Saito

Support rider for day 7. Experienced guide rider who introduced us to the various points of interest in the area.

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Today's side-trip video

Here's what happened on the other days!

Equipment for Kenta-san's 1,000km run this time


Outline of the route: 1000km Round Trip Shikoku

The route starts in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, rides clockwise along the Shikoku coastline, and returns to Matsuyama City 11 days later, for a total distance of approximately 1,000km.