The last leg of our 11-day cycling tour is finally over. After a hill climb at the beginning of the ride, passing a roadside station that boasts the largest selection of ancient creatures and orange juice in Japan, and an emotive unmanned train station, we finally reached the goal! After getting out of the saddle, we will continue to enjoy Matsuyama City without any worries.

Kenta-san's Travel Bookmarks

8:00 Departure from Hotel
9:45 Hoketsu Pass
10:00 Straw Mammoth
11:00 Rest at "Roadside Station Yawatahama Minatto"
13:00 Rest at "Shimonada Station"
15:30 Goal at "Dogo Onsen Station"!
16:00 Rest at Starbucks above Dogo Onsen Station
17:00 Check-in at Hotel "Dougo no Oyado Iwasaki"
19:00 Work up a sweat at Asuka-no-Yu, Dogo Onsen
19:30 Celebrate with "Monpuku"

DAY 11 is over!

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Finally, the last morning!

100km left to the goal in Matsuyama

It was a fine morning for the final day of the tour. At the planning stage, we had been worried about a typhoon warning and the forecast of rain every day, but we feel that we managed to avoid the worst of it. It is a very moving feeling to think that today marks the end of our 1000km Shikoku Round-trip.

No time for being sentimental, today's ride had it's challenges

Hoketsu Pass

About 10km from the start is Hoketsu Toge (Hoketsu Pass), where a 5km hill climb begins. Tunnels continue, and as a national highway leading to Matsuyama, it is frequently used by large vehicles. It is a must to turn on the front and rear lights of the bicycle while riding on this road. After climbing the pass and entering Seiyo City, the road turns off National Route 56 and onto Prefectural Route 30. The number of cars on the road will decrease and it will be easier to ride.

Ancient creatures in the middle of rice paddies

Straw Mammoth

We heard that there was a giant mammoth made by the residents of Seiyo City. To be honest, we went there without much expectation, but the actual mammoth was much larger than we had imagined, and we were surprised at its precision workmanship, even though it was supposed to be made of straw. Kenta-san and the mammoth fighting (?). A commemorative photo.

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Life is full of different kinds of juices

Roadside Station Yawatahama Minatto

We stopped at Michi no Eki Yawatahama Minatto (Roadside Station Yawatahama Minatto) for a break. Word of mouth had told us that there was a large amount of local orange juice on display, and we found an eye-catching orange-colored corner in the section lined with specially selected products. It is said to have the largest selection in Japan, with some items costing as much as 10,000 yen! We bought the ones recommended by a mikan farmer who happened to be unloading his oranges nearby. I was able to make a gift box to send home so I could enjoy a "juice tasting" with my family at a when I returned home.

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Fiercely deflationary fish market

Do-ya Market

We also extended our visit to the fish market attached to the roadside station. All of the markets we visited during our trip sold fresh seafood at reasonable prices, but this was the first time for us to see an "assortment of fish" sold for 500 yen for a box containing a variety of rather large fish that weighed well over 10 kg.

Back on the Blue Line!

Realizing the end of the trip

It has been a long time since I found the Blue Line. This blue line was drawn along the bicycle route around Shikoku within Ehime Prefecture to guide riders on their way. We rode this line to the final destination of the trip, Dogo Onsen Station.

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A single-car train running against the horizon and a small unmanned station

Shimonada Station

Although we rarely took the train because of our bicycle trip, we were eager to visit Shimonada Station. It is a small unmanned station located right in front of the sea. The sunflowers were in full bloom next to the station, and the train arrived at the right time, so the conditions were perfect. Although it was a little cloudy, it was a fitting last stop on our trip, and the scenery was even better than the tourist information had suggested.

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Sudden trouble near the finish line

Hardship of running with a camera

In order to protect my photographic equipment from the rain that fell at Shimonada Station, I tried to remove the microphone from the camera and put it in the pouch of my bicycle... but it was stuck and I could not remove it. We took shelter in a shed next to the station and struggled for about 15 minutes. Kenta-san enjoys riding and filming at the same time, but he has to deal with additional luggage, weight, carrying on his back, equipment problems, and sudden weather conditions, making it difficult to ride and film at the same time.

Arrival in Matsuyama City!

5km left to the goal "Dogo Onsen Station".

Back in Matsuyama City, the starting point of the tour, we finally reached the finale. I felt nostalgic seeing the orange IYOTETSU (Iyo Railroad) that we saw on the first day after a long time.

A 1,000km journey around Shikoku, the final goal!

Dogo Onsen Station

I arrived at "Dogo Onsen Station," the goal of my 1,000km journey. Perhaps my body had become accustomed to the lifestyle of running 100 km every day, or perhaps I was surprised to find that the sense of reality of my accomplishment was not so strong. The classic station building houses a Starbucks. At first, I celebrated with a local "Kiwi Fruit Frappuccino." With no time to get emotional, we now had a mini-meeting about video and distribution. My mind is full of ideas on how to convey the fun of this trip...

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Time to get out of the saddle at last! Arriving at the hotel

Dogo-no-oyado Iwasaki

Check in at the Dougo-no-oyado Iwasaki, an inn about 500m from Dogo Onsen Station. The hotel is designed for women to stay at ease, but men are also welcome. Bicycles can be stored in the lobby, which has a nice atmosphere, and the rooms are spacious with mezzanine floors and mini-kitchens. There is also a laundry machine. The owner is a cyclist, and he is very thoughtful and considerate.

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Sweat off 1000km at Dogo Hot Springs

Dogo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-yu

With my cyclist-exclusive complimentry towel, I walked 10 minutes to Dogo Onsen. The main building was closed, but I entered the Asuka-no-Yu annex and soaked off some sweat.

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Celebrate with a Super Dry!


We went to "Monpuku," a Chinese restaurant right next to the hot spring. We toasted to my favorite Szechuan bean curd with Asahi Super Dry made with Uchinuki water! We wanted to tell someone about our adventures, and when we reported to the manager, he treated us to another beer in celebration. It is nice to have someone congratulate you, even if it's for the achievement of a personal goal.

Although he knew that the main building of Dogo Onsen was closed, he still felt a lingering regret when he saw the real Dogo Onsen Honkan, saying, "I wish I could have gone in there...." Staggering around the main building, I wandered drunkenly...

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The only regret

Dogo Onsen Honkan

Although he knew that the main building of Dogo Onsen was closed, he still felt a lingering regret when he saw the real Dogo Onsen Honkan, saying, "I wish I could have gone in there...." Staggering around the main building, I wandered drunkenly...

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Places we stopped this time

Straw Mammoth

Roadside Station Yawatahama Minatto

Shimonada Station

Dogo Onsen Station

Dogo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-Yu


Where we stayed

Dougo-no-Oyado Iwasaki

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About the DAY 11 Route

From Uwajima, ride along Hokketsu Pass to Seiyo, then north on Route 378 and east along the Seto Inland Sea. Passing through Iyo City, the goal was reached in Matsuyama City.
Distance Traveled: 106km
Elevation Gain: 780m
Travel time: 7 hours and 30 minutes
Weather: Cloudy with occasional rain

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