We will continue to ride around in the second half of the day with our well-maintained bicycles in great shape. Today's support rider, Saito-san, provided us with a perfect local guide, and we were able to enjoy not only Katsurahama Beach, but also Kochi's largest morning market, a tour of powerful local industries, and a run-through of local delicacies.

Kenta-san's Travel Bookmarks

8:30 Meet up with support rider "Saito-san"
9:00 Receive bicycles at Giant Store Kochi & visit morning market
10:00 Katsura beach
12:00 Lumberyard
13:30 Nabeyaki Ramen at Susaki City Roadside Station
14:30 Stopover at Awa Station
15:00 Kure Taisho Town Market
15:30 Rest at "Kaze Kobo" and reflect on the trip.
16:30 Arrive at the inn "Kuroshio Honjin"

DAY 7 is over!

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Meet up with today's support riders!

Local rider Saito-san

We met our support rider Saito-san, who would be our guide for the day, in front of the Giant Store Kochi. Hearing that he has a lot of experience as a guide raises our expectations!

Received a fully restored bike

Giant Store Kochi again

Received the bike cleaned up like new. The sprockets, frame and brakes were cleaned, and the rear wheel of the bike was replaced with a new tire. The chain, which had taken the rain for days, was greased and the pedals and gearshift were light and smooth. Overnight, the bike suddenly felt much easier to ride. We recommend that you have store maintenance done once or twice during your trip, as it will give you a sense of security for the rest of the ride.

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Update equipment together

Tsucchi also purchased a light and gloves that were damaged during the ride while Kenta-san toured the store.

Bustling morning market with local foods

Sunday Market in Tosa

At Saito-san's suggestion, we visited a local morning market. Every Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m., the streets of Kochi are filled with rare and unusual agricultural products, foodstuffs, and souvenirs from the suburbs, making it fun just to walk around.

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Taste the famous drink in west Japan


Try the "Hiyashi-ame" drink at the morning market. It is a summer drink made by dissolving water candy in hot water, adding ginger, and chilling it. It is said to be a common and familiar drink in Kansai, Chugoku, and Shikoku regions, but I had never seen it in Kanto, so it was a rare treat.

Interesting bread as breakfast

Hat bread

Next, we tasted the "Hat Bread." This unique sweet pastry has the sweet "edge" of the "sweet boule" commonly found in convenience stores, but is much wider. It is the perfect way to replenish energy before a ride.

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Greetings to the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto

Katsura beach

Accompanied by a snickering Tsucchi, who for some reason repeatedly calls Ryoma Sakamoto "paisen" (= senior colleague/ student etc.), we rode about 14 km to Katsurahama Beach. We took a commemorative photo in front of a large bronze statue of Ryoma Sakamoto.

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Continuous eating of local food


On the way from Katsurahama to Susaki, we took an ice cream break when we found a mobile ice cream shop selling "iceclin," another Kochi specialty. It is between ice cream and shaved ice, and is more refreshing than it looks. The cheapness of the ice cream is delicious and tastes like candy.

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Visit to the industrial hub of Kochi, lined with giant trees


Upon entering Susaki City, Mr. Saito guided us to a lumberyard, a place he recommended. The site was filled with the strong aroma of wood, and the 10-meter-high piles of lumber (probably Japanese cedar) were quite impressive. In Kochi, where 89% of the prefectural land is covered with forests, wood resources are one of the local industries. There are several other lumberyards where lumber is auctioned off for shipment. Although not a sightseeing spot, it was a good opportunity to see an interesting scene.

Local gourmet nabeyaki ramen for lunch

Roadside Station "Kawausono-sato Susaki

Deciding to eat local gourmet food in Kochi for lunch, We went to the famous "Mayumi no Mise," but it was closed today. After getting myself together, We went to a roadside station and ordered Nabeyaki Ramen. Since it is nabeyaki, it is served hot. This dish is especially appreciated during winter rides.

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Lawson, where the honorary manager is Shinjo-kun

Lawson Susaki Kawauso no Sato

Visiting Lawson, where the Susaki City character Shinjo-kun, winner of the 2016 "Yuru-chara Grand Prix" (=City or local mascot competition), sits on the roof of the store. Susaki City was the last place where the Japanese otter, an extinct species, was found. Shinjo-kun, who combines the town's local delicacy nabeyaki ramen, is the honorary manager of this Lawson store.

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A small station in a great location

Awa Station on the Dosan Line

I visited a station in Kochi Prefecture after receiving word of mouth that it had a good location comparable to Shimonada Station, a popular photo spot in Ehime Prefecture. The station was under renovation and had a fence up, but the view from the station building in front of the Pacific Ocean was very nice. There was a love bench, so I took a couple of shots.

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Visiting a fish market rooted in the community

Kure Taisho Town Market

From Awa Station, drive 6.5 km to Kure Taisho-machi Market. I heard that skipjack and other seasonal fish are landed from the nearby port, and that you can also enjoy fruits and local food. The market closes at 2:30 p.m., so it was quiet when we went there, but the 100-meter-long shopping street is lined with several small stores, indicating that the market is still active.

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Take a break at a cafe and reflect on today's ride


We took our last break at a cafe in "Nakasato," a roadside station near today's lodgings. Saito-san and I parted ways here, so we reflected on today's ride. He introduced us to the places near the course, and of course, led us through almost the entire itinerary of the day. No matter how carefully you plan your rides, it is always nice to have a local guide you on the roads you are unfamiliar with. It was a day that made me realize that I could enjoy the ride and the scenery more than usual, and for that I am very grateful.

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Strike down today's inn!


The most expensive inn of the trip. Pulled by the anticipation and the name of the inn (Honjin= shoguns command group during "The age of war"), we began to roleplay a cheesy samurai period drama. The inn was luxurious, with a black-painted lobby overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a large open-air bath.

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Is it stingy or bold?

Today's laundry drying in the Pacific Ocean sea breeze

There was no washing machine at the inn, but the luxurious indoor bath was attached, so we washed our clothes by hand and hung us out to dry on the veranda overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Could this feeling of self-sufficiency be the best part of a man's trip?

Places we stopped this time

Giant Store Kochi

Sunday Market in Tosa

Katsura beach

Ice cream truck

Kawauso no Sato Susaki

Lawson Suzaki Kawausonosato store

Anwa Station on the Dosan Line

Kure Taisho Town Market


Where we stayed


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About the Day 7 route

From Kochi City, drive south to Route 14, then turn east. Turn around at Katsurahama and ride along the coast to Awa. From Awa, turn onto Route 56, pass through Tosa Kure, and reach the destination at an inn facing Kure Bay.
Distance traveled: 74 km
Elevation Gain: 500m
Travel time: 7 hours and 30 minutes
Weather: fine, sometimes cloudy

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