Before we left, I found something wrong with my tires and had to ride the entire day with a time bomb. In addition, rain was forecast, and we thought it was going to be a hard day, but we were lucky to have a great lunch, good road conditions, and the rain held off! We arrived at a guest house with a private beach and toasted our good fortune.

Kenta-san's Travel Bookmarks

8:00 Departure from an inn
12:00 Lunch at WUTOWURK
13:15 Passing through "Daibosatsu Touge"
13:30 Soft ice cream break at "Hiwasa" Roadside Station
16:50 The powerful Shishikuira fossil ripple scar
17:00 Arrival at "Pension Shishikui," end of today's ride!
18:00 Take a crab bath

DAY 5 is over!

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Just before the start, a bulge in the tire...

The effects of daily long rides begin to show on the bike

While checking the bike before departure at the inn, I noticed a blister-like bulge in the rear tire. It was an old tubeless tire, and the surface of the tire had been worn down over the course of many days of riding, and the thinner part could not handle the internal pressure and appeared on the surface. I regretted not having put on new tires and was worried about a puncture, but I had put sealant in the tires beforehand, so I decided to start the day as is for now.

Rain forecast for the rest of the day

Undaunted, I just keep riding

The rainy season front had stalled in the Pacific Ocean, and we were riding in the rain from the start. I felt a little worse than the day before, but I was positive that the bad weather would be part of the trip, so I rode along Route 55.

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Impressive lunch full of Awa beef


Entering Anan City, we had lunch at a restaurant of our choice. The restaurant's most popular dish is the "meat-wrapped hamburger steak" using local Awa beef. As the name suggests, the sirloin is wrapped around the hamburger steak. The tender slices of meat with a sweet sauce and the hamburger steak that softly loosens and "disappears" in the mouth are impressive. The carrots that were casually added to the hamburger steak had a strong flavor, and as I ate it, I made up his mind that he would definitely revisit the restaurant someday.

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Coffee shop with a punchy appearance

Regrettably closed "Daibosatsu Touge"

Covered with ivy, the dubious brick building resembles the castle in the sky from Laputa, but it is actually a coffee shop. The name "Daibosatsu Touge" has a punchy name, and I was eager to drop in to see what people had to say about it, but alas, it was closed today.......too bad!

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The sun is in sight and the tension is high.

Everything is in order.

Perhaps the wish of the "sunny man power" was answered, as the rain stopped, overturning the all-day rain forecast. Satisfied with lunch, the road conditions were good, and Kenta-san's spirits rose.

Sudachi soft serve ice cream break

Roadside Station "Hiwasa"

With 35km remaining in the day, we stopped at a roadside station for a rest. It was hot after the sun came out, so the sudachi soft-serve ice cream was very tempting. The magnificent Yakuoji Temple, the 28th temple on the pilgrimage, came into view, but with the hardship of climbing the steps at Konpira-gu Shrine fresh in our mind from the day before yesterday, we ate both in silence and unison.

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Stop to admire the powerful rock face

Fossil ripple scar of Shishikuiura

Shortly before arriving at the guesthouse, a rough rock face appears on the right. The sheer force of it made me stop my bicycle. I later found out that it was a geological formation formed 30 to 40 million years ago, and was registered as a national natural monument, the "Fossil Ripple Marks of Shishikuiura".

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Tires and weather winners and losers! Arriving at today's inn

Pension Shishikui

We arrived at a guesthouse full of country atmosphere. The weather and my rear tire had held out! Just when I thought it would, the skies opened up! We were relieved at our good fortune today. The log house where we stayed was handmade by the owner. The house has wide eaves, and we were happy to be able to leave our bicycles right in front of the house. It is fully equipped with four beds, a toilet, bathtub, and shower.

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Crab Bath

Private bath next to a crab crossing

The private bath on the premises has a sign outside that reads "Crab Bath". One might imagine for a moment that crabs are boiling in the baths, but of course this is not the case. The baths overlook a private beach that has been turned into a cove and it is so called because you can see numerous small crabs crossing the site nearby.

Places we stopped this time


Daibosatsu Touge


Fossil ripple scar of Shishikuiura

Where we stayed

Pension Shishikui

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About the Day 5 route

From Tokushima, the route heads south through the city area and gradually enters the mountains around Anan. After a series of small ups and downs, the goal was reached in Shishikui.
Distance traveled: 96 km
Elevation Gain: 615m
Travel time: 9 hours
Weather: rainy, sunny

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